The Future Is Female with Clothing from My True Savage

The Future Is Female with Clothing from My True Savage

March is a thirty-one-day celebration of the accomplishments and importance that women bring to the world. The strength and endurance that has been expressed by women throughout the ages should be highlighted and celebrated every single day. However, in a world run by ego driven men in business suits and ties that command hierarchal power, the celebration of women and their influential endeavors have been reduced to only one month. Here at My True Savage, we believe that women should be held on the highest of pedestals, showing off their goods and the values that they can bring to the table, every single day. Let’s take a look at the pieces that will help you celebrate International Women’s Month, not only through the month of March, but throughout the entire year!


It’s Time to Show Off Your True Savage with Pieces That Celebrate the Inspirational Woman That You Are!

Women Don’t Owe You Sh!t Graphic Tee:


Are you ready to let out a newfound confidence that tells men that you don’t owe them a damn thing? Well, this shirt has the words to tell the opposite sex off, when you don’t feel like wasting your breath on them! My True Savage’s “Women Don’t Owe You Sh!t” let’s men know that you aren’t the type of girl to take any shit and will call them out on their bullshit at any point in time. It’s time to take matters into your own hands with this boss ass graphic tee shirt. 

Feminist Graphic Tee:

Generation Z is filled with a new generation of women who fight hard for the equality of women from all different regions and countries. It’s time to let everyone know that you are a true feminist who stands up for the rights and equality of her fellow vagina sisters with this incredibly fashionable and striking “Feminist Graphic Tee” from My True Savage. Available in a prominent white and black tone, this shirt can be worn with any pair of bottoms to create a kick ass look that shows off your true character.

Savage Feminist Graphic Tee:


Women are still fighting for their rights every single day, even in the 21st century. If you are ready to take a stand and fight for what you know is right and for what you believe in, then it’s time to whip out your credit card and purchase My True Savage’s “Savage Feminist Graphic Tee”. With a hot twist on the hit song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, this t-shirt is the perfect way to show your killer taste in music and what you truly believe in.

Underestimate Me Graphic Tee:


Men have always underestimated women since the beginning of time. Well, that time is finally coming to an end and it’s time for the boss ass bitches to rise up and run the world! Grab one of My True Savage’s “Underestimate Me Graphic Tee” and show boys that they can never underestimate a strong woman ever again.

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