It’s Time to Boss Up with A Wardrobe from My True Savage

It’s Time to Boss Up with A Wardrobe from My True Savage

There are strong and independent women that we all truly admire and look up to on a daily basis. Women who run shit and get things done when they put their mind to it. Women who consistently make it happen for themselves and the individuals that they love, every single day. These incredible forces of strength, courage, and power are known as Boss Babes. Women in power don’t just show up to the office looking like a boring and uninteresting corporate drone. They claim the attention of the entire room by wearing clothing items that truly establish their authority within not only the workplace, but within the world. From classy jumpsuits and alluring dresses to sophisticated tops and hip gripping pants, My True Savage has all of the staple clothing pieces that you need to transform into a bad boss bitch both inside and outside of the workplace!


The Clothing Pieces That You Need from My True Savage to Boss Up Your Wardrobe:

Suit It Up

The outfit of choice that usually comes to mind when we think of a woman working her fashion magic within the workplace is a padded suit with a boxy blazer. My True Savage has taken this classic look and truly bossed it up for all of our Boss Babes out there. By throwing on one of our sleek tops, like our stylish Zebra Backless Top, over a chic pair of pants, such as our incredibly hot Pencil Denim, you will surely be turning heads when you walk into the office. Now, you are ready to take on the entire work day in a striking outfit that is sincerely fit for the office.



Flare It Out

Let’s be honest, fit and flare moments are really a hit when it comes to clothing pieces that are boss babe approved for the workplace! This upcoming spring season we will definitely be seeing some fit and flare styles making their way to the forefronts of our closets. One of the most popular clothing items that is available on the clothing racks at My True Savage is our incredibly sophisticated Flared Trousers. These too hot to trot pants can be paired with any accentuating bodysuit or sizzling top, creating an outfit that allows you to bring out the power you’ve been withholding from the cubicles that have been sitting dormant in your office.



Dress It Up

With a dress from My True Savage, you’ll have the ability to really turn some heads when you walk through the front door of your office building. Slipping into our Deep V Long Sleeve Mini Dress  or our popular Vintage Midi Dress will allow you to transform yourself from a powerless girl into powerful bad bitch with a closet full of clothing items that can show off your goodies in a classy and tasteful way.


Get ready to make shit happen with a bossed up wardrobe from My True Savage!

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